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Two thirds of young people are leaving the church by college age and biblical illiteracy is rising. People simply don't know what the Bible teaches or how to defend what they believe. What can we do to raise up a generation of young people who love God's word and know how to answer today's skeptical questions?

Ken Ham - Answers In Genesis

What is happening to our young people?

God's Word is under attack!

The Authority of the Bible has been undermined through the attack on Genesis Chapters 1-11 by the whole world promoting the Theory of Evolution as fact.

Scientist have found through observing and studying our present world that this theory does not fit what is observed in our Universe. Evolution is not scientific at all!

If Genesis 1 is not true how can we stand on the rest of the Bible and receive the Good News of Jesus Christ.

According to the research, this is where the attack is taking place today! Did you realize that through multiple avenues of research, by different organizations, that two thirds of young people are leaving the church by college age. It turns out that it was not at College age that this was decided but mainly during Middle School and High School. At which time, their questions and doubts went unanswered.

Finally the young people's conclusion is:

Why should I trust in your Jesus? That message of Jesus comes from a book that's been disproven by modern day science. If I can't trust the beginning of the Bible, why should I trust the middle or the end?

PSALM 11:3
When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?


  1.  Begin with yourself - Check Your Own Foundation
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  3.  Learn To Defend Your Faith and Know The True Scientific Facts

Step #1 - Check Your Own Foundation!




If the Theory of "Millions of Years" has crept into your perspective of the Bible, especially the Creation, you have cracks in your Christian Foundation!

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Our Mission - To prepare the next generations for the unsure future they must face and help them be a Godly Influence in our society.

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About Your Facilitator

Jim Vernon has been a Christian since he was 12 years old but in his teens and during military service drifted from the Lord. While in the military overseas he was in a motorcycle crash that put him in the hospital for 2 years. During this time God worked on Jim's heart to truly become a Disciple of Jesus with him as Lord. You can find this story at https://www.hopegate.life/lost-in-the-philippines/. Our mission is to prepare the next generations for the unsure future that they must face and help them be a Godly influence in our society.

Step #3 - Learn To Defend Your Faith!

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Weekly Easy-To-Use Curriculum
An easy-to-use curriculum with 200 faith-building lessons that bring the Bible to life. This exciting curriculum contains lessons that cover the entire Bible chronologically in four years, providing a powerful overview of God’s Word.

What's the big deal about Answers Bible Curriculum?
With ABC, everybody enjoys diving into rich content, memorizing scripture, and learning how to apply the Bible to their daily lives.

Whole Bible
ABC goes through the entire Bible in the order the events actually happened, helping it make sense.

Whole Truth
ABC is filled with scripture and encourages believers in their faith, equipping them with answers for a skeptical world.

The Bible Is Trustworthy
We can trust all of God’s Word beginning in Genesis! While showing that Scripture is absolutely true, ABC emphasizes the importance of carefully and accurately interpreting the Bible.

Defending Your Faith
We must be ready to give an answer for what we believe. ABC equips young and old with facts from culture, history, and science to defend the Bible against common skeptical questions.

The Bible presents true history, not made-up “stories.” Chronological teaching through the whole Bible gives students a powerful, worldview-shaping overview of God’s Word.

God’s Attributes
God’s attributes are displayed throughout the Bible! As students discover the character of God, they are encouraged to grow more conformed to the image of Christ.

God’s Redemptive Plan
God’s plan of redemption is woven throughout Scripture. From Genesis to Revelation, Answers Bible Curriculum traces the “scarlet thread” of the gospel to reveal this unified theme in the Bible.

Life Application
We are to live in light of what the Bible teaches. ABC brings the Bible’s teaching to bear on everyday life, impacting us with easy, practical applications.


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Answers Bible Curriculum created by Answers In Genesis


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Step #3 - Know The True Scientific Facts!

Answers In Genesis Website
At https://answersingenesis.org you will find some of the best resources on the planet to speak to the issue of "Millions of Years" from a Biblical Perspective. Answers In Genesis uses a multitude of videos and articles to show how science supports and defends a Biblical View of the world we live in.

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